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Business Psychologist

The well-being of your office family should be your top priority. Everyone goes through challenges and tough times in life. And you need to ensure that your office family has access to a professional they can reach out to in order to navigate these troubling waters whilst keeping their lives on track.

This way, you not only take care of your employees but also the business, since this will drastically reduce absenteeism (stress is the main cause of more than a third of absenteeism) and other issues related to employees struggling with their mental health and general wellbeing. Just to give you an idea; employees dealing with burnout can end up spending between 3-12 months at home. This certainly raises the stakes when taking into account that just one day of absenteeism can cost the business more than €250!

By offering the right preventative care, you create a healthy working environment and limit any long-term absences due to mental health and psychological struggles. And by investing in the well-being of your employees you can actually have a positive long-term impact on the business’s bottom line. But the business benefits more from this type of proactive approach than merely ensuring that employees show up and are happy at work. By providing the right psychological care, employees will also perform better.

At Personal Online Therapy, we have a long list of professionals without long waiting lists that can help in various time zones and languages – all within just one week! This way your employees can get the attention and care they need. Let us take care of your employees, so they can take care of business.

1 in 5 Employees Have Mental Health Struggles

Roughly 1 out of 5 employees have mental health struggles. This is almost 20% of your team! These mental health issues can vary greatly. Some of the most common complaints include stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression. As we already mentioned, these types of issues can lead to high rates of absenteeism. The average number of days someone struggling with their mental health has to take off from work is very high – a staggering 57 days!

Not only does a company psychologist address and help treat any mental health issues that are present, but he/she also prevents situations from escalating. And prevents mental health struggles from turning into more serious psychological problems. So, to avoid unnecessary and costly absenteeism, create a healthier work environment, and increase job satisfaction, you need to have a company psychologist on board.

The Benefits of a Business Psychologist

A company psychologist is there for both the employer as well as the employee. The psychologist will offer support and preventative care to employees. All whilst managing absenteeism, performance, and other problems caused by unhappy and unhealthy employees in the workplace. With the help of a company psychologist, absenteeism will decrease, job satisfaction will increase, and ultimately lead to higher productivity and engagement amongst employees:

Preventing Absenteeism

As an employer, you naturally want to limit any absenteeism as much as possible. A company psychologist can teach employers and employees how to better deal with stress and other mental health struggles even before these issues occur. This type of preventative care has a positive effect and can be seen in the reduction of absenteeism on a long-term basis.

A Healthy Work Environment

A healthy work environment is an environment where employees feel comfortable in their own skin. And they have peace of mind knowing that they can raise concerns and talk about any issues they may be experiencing with their overall well-being. A healthy work environment is a place where employees are heard as well as actually helped.

Increased Work Performance

A company psychologist can also help increase overall work performance. He/she can give appropriate and relevant advice to the employer and ensure that employees are more motivated.

Helps with Adaptation

Will something be changing at work soon? Consider, for example, a merger with another company? Industrial psychologists can help guide organizations through major changes such as these.

Helps with Private Matters

A large proportion of absenteeism due to illness is non-work related. That is why it is so important to offer employees help with problems or difficulties in their private lives. A company psychologist looks at the big picture when it comes to the things that ultimately impact the business. And this includes what happens to employees outside of work.

A Business Psychologist without a Waiting List Means You Can Receive Help Quickly

It is a general complaint that medical practitioners, especially psychologists have incredibly long waiting lists. In some cases, the waiting time can even be up to half a year – a long time if you ever find yourself in crisis. At Personal Online Therapy you don’t have this problem.

We do not have waiting lists, so your employees can get the help they need quickly with most individuals setting up an appointment within less than a week. We also attach great importance to matching the right psychologist with the right client, ensuring it’s a good fit. That is why employees are given the option of choosing a psychologist themselves, and we also allow them to switch psychologists if needed.

Why Use an Online Psychologist?

There are many reasons why using an online psychologist is beneficial:

Convenience and Confidentiality

When you use a business psychologist at Personal Online Therapy, the therapy or coaching sessions take place online via secure video calls. This means that you have kept things as private as possible and have drastically reduced the risk of those “water cooler rumours”. It also means that your employees can talk to a psychologist from a location that suits them, whether at home or at the office.

We are Certified, Licensed and Experienced Business Psychologists

Our team here at Personal Online Therapy consists of more than 30 certified, licensed and experienced psychologists. Our psychologists are specialized in various fields and therapies, so you are bound to find a few who fits your and your employee’s needs.

We can be Contacted Directly

There’s no need to go through a tapestry of corporate red tape before reaching a professional; we can be contacted directly. And because we do not have waiting lists, we can help you and your employees almost immediately and any issues or problems can be addressed quickly.

We are Available 24/7

Because our team of psychologists are located all across the world and is situated in various time zones, we can assist with consultations 24/7. Our online psychologists are always available, even on weekends, late in the evening and early in the morning. As a result, you and your employees will always have access to the right psychological help irrespective of how busy your schedules are.

Your Privacy is Guaranteed

We weren’t kidding about that confidentiality. Our online therapy exclusively takes place via secure video calls. We make use of some of the most cutting-edge and modern technology such as SSL encryption and two-step verification to guarantee that your company matters are dealt with securely and privately.

What Does a Business Psychologist Do?

You call in a business psychologist for both preventative and curative care. A business psychologist helps support and guide individuals who are struggling with mental health issues, whilst also offering coaching to help employers and employees deal with daily workplace stress and stress caused by major events taking place within the company.

This type of help and coaching can take place in an individual or group therapy setting. It is therefore also possible to call in a business psychologist for team building. Everything a business psychologist does:

  • Reintegration
  • Prevention/reduction of absenteeism
  • Help with managing stress
  • Help with managing anxiety
  • Providing burnout treatment
  • Life and business coaching
  • Providing guidance during major changes within the company and an individual’s life
  • Team building

The Treatments a Business Psychologist can Provide

Treatments vary based on suitability and specific situations, but these are some of the most common therapies and treatments offered by a business psychologist:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Psychotherapy

Contact Us for More Information

It is always a good idea to hire a business psychologist for your company – for the employees as well as the employer. You can rest assured that your employees are in good hands at Personal Online Therapy and they can get the help they need within less than a week.

Would you like to chat with a business psychologist from Personal Online Therapy?

Reach out to us via email ( or by completing the form below. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. Also, keep in mind that you can request a free introductory meeting if you have any questions pertaining to business psychology or how our practice operates.


What is the Difference between a Business Psychologist and a Regular Psychologist?

A business psychologist can also address and treat the same issues as a regular psychologist. Both also use the same methods. But a business psychologist specializes and focuses on helping or coaching companies/businesses.

They know exactly how things work in the workplace and are exceptionally good at offering help when it comes to stress, burnout, reintegration, and other mental health issues relating to and impacting the workplace.

Can I Reduce Absenteeism by Calling in a Business Psychologist?

You will never be able to completely eradicate absenteeism, but it’s definitely possible to drastically reduce it. When concerns surrounding a person’s mental health and overall well-being are recognized and addressed at an early stage, it is possible to provide them with the support and help they need before the situation escalates and leads to long-term absenteeism.

By hiring a business psychologist, your employees are assured of being heard and getting the right help. Preventative and curative care will definitely have an impact and reduce absenteeism.

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