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Online Relationship Counselling

Every couple hits a bump in the road at some point during their relationship. But did you know that by the time most couples end up in online relationship counselling, their issues have been simmering, unaddressed, underneath the surface for way too long. That’s why many professionals believe that a relationship needs to be maintained. It’s better to give your relationship a “service” or go for a “check-up” every once in a while than try to fix a relationship that’s already in crisis mode.

But whether your relationship has officially hit that rough patch or you just want to ensure that you keep your relationship on the right track, online couples counselling is a convenient and affordable option. Now you can have therapy from the comfort of your couch with professionals from all around the world. That means a variety of language options as well as 24/7 service. Online services also make it possible to cut out many overhead costs and other expenses from the equation, which makes this the most budget-friendly option.

Do you need couples counselling?

As we’ve already mentioned, your relationship doesn’t need to be in crisis for you to benefit from couples counselling. In fact, there are many reasons why couples decide to seek professional help. If you spot any of the following in your relationship, it’s a good idea to reach out to the experts:

Communication is challenging

Whether it’s the way you communicate with each other or you’re not able to communicate at all, communication is a foundation block of any successful relationship. If your communication isn’t up to scratch it’s inevitable that the relationship will be going downhill fast. Couples counselling can teach you certain critical communication skills.

Navigating conflict is a struggle

Communication is the root of most conflict. Conflict management is all about how you deal with disagreements. It doesn’t matter if an argument escalates to such a point that you’re both screaming and throwing things or if you both retreat and give each other the silent treatment. BOTH extremes are toxic and will cause immense damage. Any relationship will have conflict, but it’s how you handle these conflict situations that will make all the difference. Couples counselling can facilitate that.

You’ve become parents

The transition from a couple to being parents is incredibly tough. Everyone’s tired, time has become a precious commodity and you suddenly have to share your lives with a screaming bundle of joy that’s solely dependent on you for his/her survival. A situation like this takes a toll on you as an individual, as well as a couple, and couples counselling can aid in this transition.

Trust has been broken

Long gone are the days that lipstick on collars and affairs in motels are the main culprits in broken trust. In the digital age, our definition of cheating and betrayal have become very complex. And with so many different types of relationships (open, polygamy etc.) the rules of engagement have changed. To one a social media comment can be crushing, to another adding a fourth to a throuple can be the line in the sand. Either way, the modern era offers numerous ways in which trust in a relationship can be broken and people can get hurt. Couples counselling can help with the healing and start mending the trust.

You’re getting bored

This is dangerous territory for any relationship since this is usually when all sorts of temptation creep in. When you find yourself in a place within your relationship where each day feels like a copy/paste version of the previous day and you feel stuck, you need to shake things up again. Couples counselling can help with that.

You realise there might be co-dependency issues

Many people falsely believe that co-dependency is an outright toxic relationship that’s easily spotted. Co-dependency also occurs in couples where things couldn’t be better between the two of you. You enjoy each other’s company and doing things together, and it seems like you are living the relationship dream. But do you still do and enjoy things apart from one another? How much time do you spend with friends and family as an individual and not just as a couple? Co-dependency is when the lines between your own identity and that of you as a couple start to become blurry – no matter how fun and wonderful it may seem. Couples counselling can help you find a healthy balance.

When a half and a half doesn’t make a whole in a relationship

One of the saddest situations within any relationship is when individual traumas start robbing you of relationship joy. As individuals, we all have gone through difficult things and times in our lives. Many of these things have a profound effect on how we operate and function on a daily basis and this is often subconscious. It’s only once we enter a relationship that certain things start coming to light. It is imperative in these situations for each partner to understand the other’s past trauma and learn how to manage and heal these remnants of hurt in order to have the relationship you both deserve. This is exactly what couples counselling has to offer.

Too much of too many

By the time a couple comes for couples counselling stating that they’re considering divorce, there will be a LOT to unpack. A couple doesn’t reach that stage because of just one disagreement or mishap. It’s a lot of things that have been piling up over the years even if it’s one thing that might’ve caused the scale to officially tip in favour of a break-up. At this stage, couples counselling will start helping you discover what these things are and how to slowly start putting all the pieces back together.

When big life events are on the horizon

Big life changes have a big impact on your couple dynamic. Maybe you’ve both quit your jobs to become digital nomads. Or one of you got promoted which means longer working hours. Or you have to move, there’s been a death in the family or you’re trying to decide whether to cash out policies earlier than planned. There are so many big life events and decisions that can cause frustration, uncertainty etc. within a relationship that it’s no wonder that it’s recommended to seek couples counselling even on a “check-up” basis.

When you’re holding each other back

The sad part is that very few people purposely do this to another person. But in many relationships, we might be the reason for our partner’s stunted growth. Why does someone need to understand the fundamentals of finances if someone else keeps taking over the control and managing things? One partner might not want to leave the comfort zone of a specific area – even if the other gets a fantastic opportunity abroad. So, from a micro to a macro level, we can drive and propel each other or end up holding each other back. Online relationship counselling can facilitate handling these hurdles and teach you the skills needed for both your personal growth.

The benefits of online relationship counselling

There are many benefits to receiving online relationship counselling such as:

  • Improve communication with your partner.
  • Restore trust.
  • Discover the root causes of your relationship’s pain points.
  • Understand each other better.
  • Restore and improve emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Accepting certain personality traits and behaviour and how to manage them.
  • Dividing and allocating responsibilities so each has a more defined role within the relationship (this can be from daily household tasks to bigger-picture stuff).
  • Identifying and addressing attachment styles. Our past experiences dictate our attachment styles. Many of these are outright toxic while others tend to clash with certain styles. But this can be addressed and fixed in most situations.
  • Build resilience. A relationship should be an “us against the world”, not coming home to a war zone. There are certain ways you can solidify and strengthen this unity.
  • Providing the safety of neutral ground. It’s often hard to talk about certain things with your partner. Sometimes having an objective third party there that has both your best interests at heart, makes a big difference. People tend to speak more freely in these kinds of settings.
  • Anonymity – Since you don’t leave your house, no one will know that you’re receiving couples counselling unless you tell them.
  • Affordability – Because of the major cut in overheads and expenses, you are able to pay much less.
  • Convenience – Schedule the session at a time convenient to you and have it in the comfort of your own home.

Free Consultation

Have you identified yourself and your partner within any of the above? Is your relationship in trouble or do you just want a “check-up”? Then do not hesitate to reach out to us. We have numerous professionals situated all across the world in various time zones waiting for your call. Reach out to us via email at, or simply complete the form below, and remember that your first consultation is absolutely free!

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